Innergetic. Sleep better.

The Tinkoff Saxo Pro Team too opts for Innergetic 

Innergetic helps racing cyclists recover optimally during the night  

During the Giro 2014, the racing cyclists of the Tinkoff Saxo Pro Team will sleep on an Innergetic mattress, supplied by manufacturer Latexco and the Italian Manifattura Falomo. Also during each major cycling event after the Giro, the Innergetic latex mattresses will travel from hotel to hotel with the cycling team.  The objective of this agreement: ensure the cyclists’ optimal recovery, so that they can appear at the start, each morning, suitably invigorated and full of energy. 

The support, by Latexco and Manifattura Falomo, requires a great deal of organisational and logistic talent. While Latexco delivers the Innergetic core mattresses and pillows, the Italian mattress manufacturer takes care of the finishing. The Tinkoff Saxo Pro Team, for its part, is responsible for the logistics. Two people of the team will make sure that the standard mattresses in each hotel are replaced by an Innergetic latex mattress. The mattress will travel with the cyclists, from hotel to hotel. 

Intensive support for cycling races 

Ever since 2005, when the Innergetic mattress was first launched onto the market, Latexco has been linking the Innergetic brand to good sports performance. Innergetic has, for example, been a co-sponsor of the Omega-Pharma – Quick Step Pro Cycling Team for nine years now. Since this cycling season, the team’s shirts feature the brand name of Latexco, the manufacturer of the Innergetic mattress. In addition to the Omega-Pharma – Quick Step Pro Cycling Team, Rabobank Cycling (now Belkin) also opted for Innergetic mattresses.  The Tinkoff Saxo Pro Team will now be the third top cycling team to objectively and independently choose the Innergetic mattress, thus ensuring that the cyclists get a well-deserved night’s rest during the biggest cycling events. Steven De Jongh, sports manager at Tinkoff Saxo: “It is crucial for cyclists to sleep well at night, especially during the most challenging, major cycling tours. That is why we selected Latexco’s Innergetic mattresses. I’ve had very good experience with these mattresses in the past and am pleased to let the Tinkoff Saxo cyclists benefit from them too.” 

Manifattura Falomo, which takes care of the mattress finishing, gladly supports the initiative: Cyclists who participate in the Giro or any other major race really need to rest well each night to appear at the next stage’s start well rested and refreshed. Our company strongly believes that the excellent quality of the Innergetic mattress helps improve the cyclists’ sports performance. We were therefore immediately convinced of the merits of this initiative,” says Carlo Falomo, manager of Manifattura Falomo. 

Greater chance of getting a good night’s rest 

The Innergetic mattresses meet the four main criteria for a high-quality mattress: good energy return, comfort, high-capacity ventilation and durability. The revolutionary mattress core, made of latex foam, perfectly adapts to the sleeper’s body contours. Professional racing cyclists that have slept on Innergetic mattress cores for a few weeks, all confirm that the mattresses enhance the quality of their sleep. Which improves the odds of getting a good night’s rest - and winning the race!