Innergetic. Sleep better.


Innergetic mattress cores are commercialized per country and/or region and distributed via Latexco’s different business partners. The latter ensure the finishing of the latex mattresses and pillows, with a cloth cover, and then distribute them via official Innergetic dealers. Check the dealer locator to find your nearest dealer. Enter your town/village on the right and click ‘search’. To make sure you are buying an original Innergetic product, check the logo and the sewn-in label on the cloth cover.

The Innergetic mattress core has three distinct assets:

  •      The mattress literally gives back energy to the sleeper.
  •      The core guarantees exceptional comfort, which ensures that the mattress feels soft.
  •      Innergetic mattress cores retain their superior characteristics, throughout their life span.



Dimensions: different dimensions available

Hardness: Soft – Medium - Firm

Comfort: an Innergetic mattress has seven comfort zones. These zones ensure that the mattress better moulds itself to the shape of your body. The zones distribute the pressure of your body evenly and guarantee that the spinal column always retains its natural line.